The History of Saint Goueno

Saint Goueno History

The ‘course de cote’ de Saint Goueno was born in 1969, from day one it became a round of the Championnat de France de la Montagne (CFM), it continued at this level until 1985 when it lost its CFM status. The event carried on but eventually closed in 1994.

In 2005 the hill was underwent a renaissance thanks to the efforts of Oliver Henry and his team, the object being to ultimately reinstate St Goueno as a round of the national championship. Regaining CFM status would be no small order as safety criteria imposed by the FFSA has moved on considerably since 1985.

The 3.2km course was entirely resurfaced in 2005 and an on-going programme of safety improvements was undertaken. Over the years more double height Armco barrier has been installed thanks to the generosity of the Department of the Cotes d’Armor.

All the hard work proved to be worthwhile as from 2010 Saint Goueno has regained its rightful place as a round of the CFM. The FFSA was most impressed by the overall quality of organisation and in particular the paddock arrangements.

The FFSA decision to award the event its CFM status was influenced by the international flavour of the meeting provided by the ‘Saint Goueno Hillclimb Masters’. Since it’s re-birth in 2005 the event has always sported a healthy international entry. As a result a well respected French motorsport journalist once wrote in a national magazine that Saint Goueno had “le feel de Goodwood” . . . which is praise indeed!

The event is well known for it’s warm Breton welcome and it’s legendry hospitality and entertaiments, it is little wonder Saint Goueno is part of many Irish and British drivers holiday plans.