Saint Goueno Circuit

saint Goueno masters


It is unusual to call a hillclimb course a circuit but at Saint Goueno that is exactly what we have. Cars leave the pre-grille in convoy and make their way down to the start line, after crossing the flying finish you then make your way back to the paddock without stopping, in total 8 km!


Hill record . . .  01:13:764 – Nicolas Schatz, Norma M20 FC BMW.

Masters record. . .  01:18:669 – Daren Warwick Dallara F399.

Paddock to Start line: 3.5 km

Start line to finish line: 3.2 km

Finish line to paddock: 1.3 km

The course is a tree lined closed public road totally resurfaced in 2005. Double height Armco has been installed on most bends but not all. The hill is very technical as virtually all the bends are blind. To post a quick time a good memory is a must as many of the turns resemble one another. Average speed for quicker cars is around 97 MPH with a Vmax of around 150mph.

Spectator access is very good, the favourite vantage point being the Fer à Cheval hairpin where you will find the giant screen, images are relayed live by three camera men placed at various vantage points on the 3.2 km course, 100% of the hill is now accessible on foot.

The most spectacular vantage point is the crossroads and the esses in the middle of the hill.